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The Startup trade fair TECH IN CONSTRUCTION builds a bridge between the construction industry and the relevant Tech-Startups. Whether it is lead generation, hard or software, eCommerce, Smart Home or whatever, if your target group is involved in the construction industry then TECH IN CONSTRUCTION is the right place for you. We will put you together with large and small companies from the industry as well as the right investors.   

The following startups have already participated in the TECH IN CONSTRUCTION and the TICx:

Aerobotics, AIRTEAM Roof-Inspector, Alasco, ALLVR,,, Bimworx, Bobbie, Botanic Horizon, Brownfield24, Building Radar, Buildots, Caala, Capmo, Craftnote, Cobago, Cosuno, CTG CaseTec, DeinHandwerk, Doozer, Enscape, Escreo, eTank, Evolute, Fair Fleet, fielddata, flissade, FMTools, Inpera, Interpanel, Inzept3D, Joulia, Kamioni, Kewazo, Klarx, Kupfer, Lightn Tec,, Memomeister, metabuild, Moselcopter, Myster, object.insight, obob, Oferta24, OpenHandwerk,, Planradar, Planstack, PlanToBuild, Propster, Räumlich, Rehcing, Relok, Restado, roometric, Rysta, Sablono, SafeDrone, Sandhelden, Scaffeye, Schultheiss-Software, Schüttflix, Skynative, SmartWins, Smino, tabya, Timum, Tjiko, Vemcon, VR Lighthouse, WerkerApp, wibutler,, Xioneer

The 75 startups that participated so far came from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Israel!

Application for a free exhibition booth

Participation in the TECH IN CONSTRUCTION requires the correct completion of the application form. Please keep to the exact specifications. Please download the registration form, sign it and upload it together with a printable logo. The general conditions of the fair apply.

Initial commitments will be granted from the end of September.

An application is possible until 25.10.19, 18h.

Founder share under 5% ("Corporate-Startup")
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    Ability to explain the USP in German?
    Interest in a paid exhibition stand upgrade
    Interest in a membership of the new startup-association

    Application deadline: 25.10.2019, 18h - The selection is made by an independent jury. The legal process is excluded.

    With the application, the startup agrees that the texts will be published in the exhibition catalog and on the Internet. The texts may be edited by the editors.

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    Exhibitor / Partner

    The startup trade fair, TECH IN CONSTRUCTION, brings young  Tech-startups together with producers and suppliers of the construction industry as well as with Investors from the sectors of  Contruction-Tech, Prop-Tech and Clean-Tech . Various services are available to ensure the companies gain access to the startups and their founders.

    A significant presence at this trade fair signals the digital long-term perspective and increases visibility and attractiveness for potential investments. Use this opportunity to get into contact with the startups.   

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