After the TICx had to be canceled, we decided with a heavy heart also to cancel the TECH IN CONSTRUCTION in 2020.

The coronavirus has had us more or less firmly in its grip since spring this year. Even if we can come to terms with the very unfortunate situation better and better, there is still a high risk. With the return of holidaymakers from risk areas and the beginning of the “flu season”, this threat is even increasing.

For this reason, we decided with a heavy heart not to hold TECH IN CONSTRUCTION in a classic trade fair format. in order to protect the health of our exhibitors, visitors and the team. We argued with ourselves for a long time whether we would actually cancel TECH IN CONSTRUCTION or not. The decision was really difficult for us. But even if we had hosted the event, the high Corona requirements would have spoiled the fun for you and us.

In this respect, we are currently working on a digital format that will give you a lot of pleasure. We are really convinced! What exactly is it about? Well, let yourself be surprised. We will publish more information about the website and the newsletter shortly.

At the startup fair TECH IN CONSTRUCTION, relevant tech startups meet planners and executors from the construction industry. The next TECH IN CONSTRUCTION will take place in the cold store in Berlin in autumn 2021!

At the startup fair TICx, relevant tech startups meet investors, manufacturers and retailers from the construction industry. Our newsletter informs about the new date for the TICx!

The young entrepreneurs will present their solutions covering the entire value chain of the construction industry. What will be on show above all are digital innovations which will bring future oriented processes and technologies closer to the construction industry. Networking and exchange of ideas mean a win-win situation will be created for both sides which will support digitilisation in the construction industry.

The startups from the last TECH IN CONSTRUCTION: 123erfasst*, Better Bell, Brownfield24, Capmo, Cosuno, craftdrive, DeinHandwerk*, OpenHandwerk, Planstack, Roomatric, Sharemac, SolagaBaubuddy,, bexpress, Bimworx, Bobbie, Caala, docu tools, ecoworks, FairFleet, fielddata, Innovent, Inzept3D, JobAI, Kamioni, klarx, NUCE, obob, perto, plantobuild*, Propster, reInvent, Roobeo, SAALG, sablono, Skillary, Tabya, Viinova, ViSYSTEM, DiConneX, BAPP, bloktherm, Joulia, LCM Digital*, Lyke, Meister1, onceforall, Rysta, Voxelgrid, Craftnote, Wirsindhandwerk, Lupiter, Smartengine, Sellanizer, Visoplan, VisiLean, Enerthing, ProperGate, Zamics*, Meisterwerk, built[t], Airteam, Deutsche Basalt Faser, FMtools, Craftguide, Modern Drive Technology, Digiholz, Klickrent*, facilioo, Stegimondo, abaut, BauDocs, adiutaByte, flissade, Lucem, Vestner Connected Elevation*, Foxbase, StruxHub,*, RefinemySite*, Archipinion, Loft to go, Pinestack, ConstructWith, Schüttflix, Molteo

* Corporate-Startup

Unfortunately, five startups did not show up, so that in the end we were able to present 89 startups from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Finland and Israel.

At the end we had 830 registrations, including:
 Holcim, Strabag Rail, Ten Brinke Group, FEGA & Schmitt, HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions, Deutsche Bahn, Triflex, BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement, MBN Bau, Rheinzink, Vinci Facitities & Gebäudetechnik, Novoferm, B&O Service Berlin, Liebherr, KORODUR International, Wiha, Sweco, NEVARIS, UNDKRAUSS Bauaktiengesellschaft, Richter + Frenzel, Busch-Jaeger, Züblin Spezialtiefbau, Sievert, Max Bögl, BUG Vekehrsbau and much more.

Planners and construction trade leaders get subsidised entry rates. The fair is financing itself primarily through sponsors, trade fair stand fees and sales of tickets.

Video: Report on the last TECH IN CONSTRUCTION in November 2019

Target groups

TECH IN CONSTRUCTION is directed towards all those involved in construction, whereby the focus lies on building. The presenters are exclusively Tech-startups who develop solutions for architects, specialist planners, craftspeople, contractors, decision makers in construction companies and suppliers to the industry as well as manufacturers of construction materials and machines. Furthermore we expect Business Angels, Venture Capital companies, Accelerators, Company-Builders and Incubators who have specialised in Construction Tech, Prop Tech and Clean Tech.



Solutions which simplifiy and streamline construction processes, help the construction industry to be more efficient. Therefore startups will be presented in this segment which optimise construction processes. Project management, Commercial Tools and even Robotics and BIM increase the levels of efficiency in construction.


Building stock are major energy producers. Therefore energy efficient construction and renewable energies in buildings are growing in importance. Furthermore, sustainable building materials from the sectors of CleanTech and GreenTech will also be presented in this segment. 


Marketing and Sales are also important in the construction industry. The startups with this focus show how new customers can be acquired through Lead-Generation. However, comparisons and eCommerce in construction, together with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) serve customer communication and will also be presented in this segment.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is also penetrating the construction economy. From Smart Homes with sensors in intelligent building technology through to Smart City and the evaluation of Big Data, right up to predictive maintenance. The startups in this segment show what is possible.

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The TECH IN CONSTRUCTION in Berlin will take place at Kühlhaus.
Address: Kühlhaus Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 3, 10963 Berlin

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